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Artist portrait of Felsenreich

Felsenreich have been playing together for 19 years. From the very beginning they put their focus on Electro, Rock, Gothic and Wave. They released a number of albums that they presented on stage, too.
Felsenreich played small clubs but also at big festivals such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Woodstage and Darkstorm together with well-known bands such as Marilyn Manson, Type O Negative or Lacrimosa. Since 2008 they have had a contract with the label Danse Macabre. Nowadays Felsenreich is playing more and more acoustic concerts.
For the new arrangements, with two guitars, a piano and vocals they reduced old and new songs to the essential. Sometimes they are using poetic and satirical lyrics. The main ideas of the songs extend from real-life world issues, over human society up to fantasy and mythology. Gothic, rock, electro and ballads are among many of the genres in the dark music scene. Felsenreich (Rocky Realm) draws from all of them. The band further defines itself by incorporating trumpets and music from stage productions. As a result, Felsenreich’s style cannot be definitively categorized. Their music has a broad appeal, there is something to please everybody – and they are immensely proud of it!
The songs, which are performed in both English and German languages often contain antiphonies and reflect on life experiences from a critical and analytical perspective. In 2010, Felsenreich started applying music to narrative and successfully toured Ireland with this new program. Since the release of the album "Unschuld" in 2008, the band has collaborated with the band leader of "Das Ich" Bruno Kramm and his label "Danse Macabre".
With their new album, "Tanz auf dem Bilderberg", the band again dives into the realms of rock and has started touring again.

Felsenreich was founded by Mathias Sohn and Renato Wesely in Chemnitz, Saxony in 1998. Since 2005, the band’s permanent members are:
Mathias Sohn: vocals, keyboard, trumpet
Renato Wesely: vocals, acoustic guitar
Romy Unger: vocals
Carsten Schaller: guitar

In the past, Felsenreich has performed in numerous clubs and played open air concerts. In 2007, they shared the stage with artists like Marilyn Manson, Projekt Pitchfork, And One, Type O Negative, ASP and Lacrimosa amongst others at the WGT in Leipzig, Saxony and on the Woodstage festival in Glauchau, Saxony.


Albums of Felsenreich

1. Blumen by Felsenreich  (Akustik Projekt) Blumen (CD-No.: 307.2606.2)
by Felsenreich (Akustik Projekt)

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Felsenreich - Live in concert

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