Karmacosmic - founded in 2003 by RÜDIGER GLEISBERG and MATHIAS GRASSOW originated as a project, grown out of the long friendship of both artists, who have known each other since the early 90s.

GLEISBERG made a name for himself as a composer for films, in the neo-classical scene and in producing audiobooks. GRASSOW has been a constant in ambient music for over 40 years; his best-known work is EL-HADRA, which has been a reference in spiritual trance music for over 30 years. Besides the quite different solo paths of both artists, a synergy formed around the themes of philosophy of life and spirituality. The core theme, the eternal questions of life and what comes after, still form the basis of the works of KARMACOSMIC, which stylistically move in the area of the so-called "Cosmopolitan" music, but follow their own claims far beyond.

The percussionist & music journalist CARSTEN AGTHE, who is himself involved in several projects, including ORNAH MENTAL and SCHL@G!, quickly joined them; they already knew each other from the local rock sector, among other things through reviews written by him and cross-stylistic reports in relevant magazines. AGTHE was at times also co-organizer of various events of well-known bands.

In order to complete the connection of Orient and Occident, the trio was extended by a further original name: DIRK SCHLÖMER, who already made himself a name as a rock guitarist at the beginning of the 80s - most well-known band was surely TON, STEINE, SCHERBEN - enriches KARMACOSMIC now and lets this project resurrect as a real band and as a quartet. His experience as a producer - among others in Peter Gabriel's REAL WORLD Studios - but also his hypnotic experiments with Ornah Mental now flow into the third KC production.

The debut "Music for Tantra & Meditation" from 2004 quickly established itself and still enjoys great popularity in the local scene. In 2007 followed with KARMACOSMIC & Darshini "Sat Chid Ananda" a turn to Indian mysticism and mantras.

After a long break now the reorientation with "SamSaRa", an album that consciously breaks with the rules of "Cosmopolitan" music and settles in the timeless area of "World-Music".

After more than 14 years, a comeback album with ambition and surprising twists, a symbiosis of the thought and emotional worlds of the new and rediscovered quartet with a unifying message of peace to a world gone mad.

Discography: Music by Karmacosmic 3