The BSC Story

BSC Music was founded in October 1988 in Munich/Germany by the musician and music executive Christoph Bühring-Uhle and the musician and journalist Christian Stolberg. In his former job as marketing director of the retail chain WOM (WORLD OF MUSIC), Bühring- Uhle had already initiated the WOM Journal and the WOM music publishing department.

Christoph Bühring-Uhle
General Manager

Monika Bühring-Uhle
Customer Service

Christian Stolberg
A & R, Editorial Associate

Racy Rosina
Security & Safety

Pursuing their vision of an independently working music company, the two friends bought the publishing wing from WOM and soon started to release its best acts on a number of new labels. Having been active in the music business for more than a decade, the two founders had no desire to compete with multinational major companies on the mainstream pop market. They also wanted to release only music they could emotionally relate to.

Our labels are growing

At the beginning of the 1990s, BSC signed contracts with prominent British acts such as Rupert Hine and The Fixx for the first time, for which the label  R'n'D was launched.

The musical focus of BSC Music is in the area of so-called "cosmopolitan music". This includes music styles such as New Age, World Music, Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz, Folk, Ambient, Electronic Music and also Chill Out.

Especially the label  Prudence has made a name for itself internationally with its high-quality cosmopolitan music. Prudence acts like Cusco, David & Steve Gordon, Gary Stadler, Ginkgo Garden, Shajan, Karmacosmic, Blonker, Potsch Potschka, Peter Mergener, Deep Imagination or Gandalf enjoy a worldwide reputation.

A further focus is the film music program at BSC, especially the works of Peter Thomas and Martin Böttcher, but also the soundtracks to great movies like "Die geliebten Schwestern", "Das fliegende Klassenzimmer", "Pünktchen & Anton", "Superhero" or the series highlight "Das Boot".

All other rock and pop productions are released on the labels  R'n'D and  Focus, where national and international singer/songwriters such as Inker & Hamilton, Marionetz, Sacco & Mancetti, Nadine Maria Schmidt or Le-Than Ho release.

The new label  Focus MundArt, which releases albums of Bavarian-speaking bands and artists like IRXN, Schorsch Hampel, Williams Wetsox, Oansno or Zwoastoa, also takes up a lot of space. The "rotz+wasser" label is home of the punk bands "LustfingeR" and "Ihre Motive".

Family of Music

Meanwhile BSC Music is active worldwide. The company has distribution partners in all countries over the world. There is a very friendly relationship to all these partners, but especially between the BSC team and the artists, because music connects people. That's the first priority at BSC Music. So BSC Music is today more than ever a real "Family Of Music"!