The BSC Story

BSC Music was founded in October 1988 in Munich/Germany by drummer and music executive Christoph Bühring-Uhle together with saxophone player and music journalist Christian Stolberg. In his former job as marketing director of leading German retail chain WOM (WORLD OF MUSIC), Bühring- Uhle had already initiated the WOM Journal and the WOM music publishing department.

Pursuing their vision of an independently working music company, the two friends bought the publishing wing from WOM and soon started to release its best acts on a number of new labels. Having been active in the music business for more than a decade, the two founders had no desire to compete with multinational major companies on the mainstream pop market. They also wanted to release only music they could emotionally relate to.

Prudence, a label dedicated exclusively to New Instrumental Music acts, was to become the core of their new company, BSC Music. In the early Nineties BSC began working with top class British acts Rupert Hine and The Fixx on the newly established label R'n'D. At the same time they also started a co- operation with another young company, Traumwelt Entertainment. Together they run the Traumwelt label, which has recently played a key role in the renaissance of German "Schlager". They initiated a successful TV show entitled "Der Wahre Grand Prix (The True Grand Prix)", which became a catalyst for the new wave of Schlager artists like Grand Prix D'Eurovision participant Guildo Horn and BSC's own chart-topping duo Cliff & Rexonah.

Today BSC Music runs several stylistically diverse labels: PRUDENCE is the home of high-class Instrumental Music; R'N'D, take care of all English-language rock- and pop-albums; MundArt releases Bavarian dialect artists and ROTZ + WASSER is the exclusive label for LustfingeR, Southern Germany's Punkrock heroes. But the main emphasis of the BSC repertoire is on PRUDENCE with "Cosmopolitan Music": New Age, World Music, Reggae, Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz, Folk, Ambient, Electronic Music and soundtracks.

In recent years, BSC has limited its annual output to not more than 10 releases. That way, each release receives a lot of care, devotion and long-term attention. All BSC releases are available around the globe. The company has distribution partners all over the world.

Today, our music finds friends from Naples to the North Cape, from Bordeaux to Bangalore, from Minneapolis to Moscow, and even in the outbacks of Australia. To all our partners, but most of all to all our artists, we have relationships which are defined by mutual friendship and respect. BSC always was and always will be a true "Family Of Music"!

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