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Artist portrait of Max Bronski Band

Portrait of Max Bronski Band

Munich Blues - the soundtrack to the book series!
With "Schneekönig (Snow King)" the sixth volume of Max Bronski's crime series about the junk dealer Wilhelm Gossec will be released in November 2018. In addition to working on the novels, Max Bronski has always written lyrics that have addressed the spirit of books in other ways: hard-hitting, tucked neat, scolded, laughed, cried, despairing in itself and the world. It would never have become something if Schorsch Hampel, the Munich blues poet, had not accepted the lyrics. Scrupulous as he is, he has only sneaked around it, had first to convince himself of their seriousness and then - but with awe! - His most beautiful music set to: Intimate, clear and supple, as it is just the blues that sits inside him.

Schorsch Hampel guitars, vocals
Dr. Will drums, percussion, vocals
Landy Landinger guitars, didgeridoo
Max Bronski bass

Guests: Jochen Scheffter (organ, piano) and Oscar Kraus (choir)


Albums of Max Bronski Band

1. München Blues by Max Bronski Band München Blues (CD-No.: 307.0212.2)
by Max Bronski Band

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