Bavarian World Music

The musicians Bernie Maisberger, Jens Ohly, Ludwig "Wiggal" Wiedenmann and Susan K. July have been working together on various projects for many years and immediately found a particularly warm connection with each other. This musical and personal affinity eventually led to the joint project FEIA!
FEIA! stands not only for the element of fire, but also for celebration, life-affirming and energetic. Bavarian world music with intelligent lyrics that opens up to the cultures of the world without losing its roots.
FEIA! offers the many facets of life in its manifold shades. Listeners are immersed in a sound that offers a mixture of world music, folk, rock and, above all, a lot of heart. The common thread is a positive and life-affirming statement that invites you to celebrate, sing along and indulge.

Discography: Music by Feia! 1