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Artist portrait of Rocket In A Pocket

Rocket In A Pocket (RIAP) was founded in the year 2006 by guitarplayers Thomas and Christian. Drummer Christian and bassplayer Klemm completed the 1st line-up. The musical background and main inspiration always has been the willd and spacey R n R sound of the 50ies. Unfortunately the first line-up-changes followed. Due to lack of time Klemm left and was shortly later replaced by punkrocker Timmi who switched to slap bass and is a full member since then. The first songs were wirtten and some coversongs completed an awesome live-set. Shortly before the first show in May 2007 Daniela joined the band on keyboards. Some awesome live shows followed and more and more own songs were written. In October 2007 Daniela left the band but replacement was found soon. Vulci, bassplayer of the legendary RAMONES-coverband " the surfin birds" , where founders Thomas & Christian are responsible for drums, guitar and vocals, joined the team and since then gives his best torturing the piano. After a period of intense rehearsals the band again played some awesome and well-attended shows. In august 2008 the band recorded the first album "...kick it over the moon" at Highline- studios Munich, with the helping hands of Frenzy, the " ear of the band". be continued...


Albums of Rocket In A Pocket

1. So Long Earth People  by Rocket In A Pocket So Long Earth People (CD-No.: 307.2254.2)
by Rocket In A Pocket

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2. ...kick it over the moon!!!! by Rocket In A Pocket ...kick it over the moon!!!! (CD-No.: 307.0057.2)
by Rocket In A Pocket

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Rocket In A Pocket - Live in concert

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