The Story of the ISAR-MAFIA is a long ride trough Munichs musically underworld, But since 2010 the formation around the frontman Florian Odendahl has succeeded.
 The munich based actor, mostly known for his part as forensic pathologist “Doc Weissenboeck” in a nationwide tv-crime-show, and his three compañeros
ride together trough the southern parts of Germany to declare their Bavaricana-Sound.
 The audience gets electrified by their mixture of Rock n’ Roll, Country and Folk, paired with bavarian lyrics all written by Florian „the Doc“ Odendahl.
 Unsurprisingly, the guys are connected very well to Bavaria and their hometown Munich.
 Their first release, the song “Mir san blau”, a hymne to one of the cities top soccer-clubs “TSV 1860 München”, the quartett performed in front of 29.000 people at the Allianz-Arena footballstadium. With this song they made it onto the clubs official music-sampler “Einmal Löwe – immer Löwe”.
 The EP BAVARICANA covers a good cross-section of their life-show.
 In May 2019, the unplugged version of „I bin a Sandler“ strikes the marekt. It’s the third release of the Isar-Mafia.

Discography: Music by Isar-Mafia 3