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Artist portrait of Fetznsch�dl

Portrait of Fetznsch�dl

The songs of this album are part of a musical comedy, an unknown extravaganza by Johann Nestroy. This macaberetic naivicel - as Nestroy calls it - tells of the love and other adventures of a marionette in its not entirely voluntary attempts to become a human being. Why is this magic posse still unknown? Probably because Nestroy wrote this musical comedy only after his death. It is well known that, for the sake of the cosmic order, it is forbidden to perform magic mugs written by him after the death of an immortal poet in one of our theaters. Of course, this was known to Nestroy. Therefore, his musical comedy should be performed only in the hereafter. But at the rehearsal of the piece in a grotto of the underworld happened the incomprehensible: The hero of his small work, the puppet Fetznschädl, could flee with the help of the evil spirit Lumpazivagabundus, through a so-called lindworm hole, both from the underworld and from the magic poem Nestroy. Since then, he lives undetected among us and still tries to become a human, because even a puppet can not escape his fate.
For publishing and metaphysical reasons, we are forced to point out that our artist Fetznschädl according to sworn affidavits this puppet! Or was! Or what?

Albums of Fetznsch�dl

1. Wilde Blumen by Fetznsch�dl Wilde Blumen (CD-No.: 307.2531.2)
by Fetznsch�dl

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