Latest release: Single "Mrs. Walker"

New single and video, “Mrs Walker”, a sampler contribution to the Little Murders tribute album, “Things Will Be Different”. A cult band in Mod/Power Pop circles across Europe, Melbourne based Little Murders achieved more success in Australia, Japan, and the U.S.A. For the time being, the CD version of the album will only be available in the U.S.A. on Twist Records. The song was recorded and mixed by Frenzy Erl at Highline Studios in Munich and was mastered by Craig Pilkington at Audrey Studios, New York, in July, 2022. The lyrics to “Mrs Walker”, by Rob Griffiths of Little Murders, are a snapshot of the bushfires in Australia, as the smoke and fire crept ever closer. With the rapid acceleration of climate change, wildfires are now also an increasing risk here in Europe. Punker Donald has shot a fine vintage video to accompany the song, with Garden Gang and the landlords of the Forstnerwirt, Rottenburg an der Laaber, in their barn.  

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Latest release: World Lets Hug The A**holes

The Munich duo Kupfer, highly acclaimed by the press, is launching its second album. Songs with wonderfully wayward lyrics, driving piano passages, groovy and folky melancholic guitars, fresh drums and thoroughly intense messages. The songwriters, producers and friends Stefan Weyerer and Nick Flade deal on their second work with the world "out there" and its reflection in our inner being. They do this as usual energetically, positively, touchingly and with depth. In the ten mostly German-language songs, the copper retro synth sound combines smoothly with great lines. "The mainstream has overflowed its banks today, I've rhymed us life jackets" is said, for example, in "Steilwandkurvenstar". "Our album title may sound hippie naive. Why we chose it anyway? Our new songs tell about that and much more," says singer and guitarist Stefan Weyerer.

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Latest release: Masken fallen

Finally get out, get closer again and recharge your batteries! Young and old enjoy the summer, nature and time together in this dance number for the summer of 2022. The four are supported by the soul singer Irina Mainka, whose expressive voice creates the very special magic.

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Latest release: Penta

„I saw a path spreading before me … now I have walked it in five different ways.“ With their fifth album "Penta" (Greek prefix for "five") the musicians from Tibetréa follow fantastic paths again, but they follow this road in a completely new way musically. World music and Folk Rock melt into a danceable sound. However, they remain true to their liking for old stories and myths. You can expect legendary figures like the golem, uncanny encounters with the devil, magicians and witches and ancient rituals of the indigenous people of North America. The music ranges, inspired by the spirit of the traveler, between the fire of the south, the rhythm of the east, the mysticism of the north and all that on the instruments of the west. Rock sound with drums, electric bass and guitar, meets jazzy trumpet, magical singing and folk instruments such as whistles, cittern, didgeridoo or harp. This unusual combination creates Tibetréa's very own sound, which takes you on a journey through time and space. With this album, the five musicians have succeeded in expanding their characteristic sound without going astray from the path they have chosen. And yet "the road does not tell the traveler what to expect at the end of the journey" (old saying).

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Latest release: Live in Dieter Üblers 'Village'

The concert for the 40th anniversary of Williams Wetsox on 04.01.2020 in the legendary Village was recorded by youngster Manolo Stäblein. Williams Wetsox are Williams Fändrich (Ges.Git.) Mario Fix (Organ) Alex Bartl (drums) Musical guests at titles 1 & 5 on this evening: Thomas Gugger (drums), Marcel Pölitz (bass), Jan Eschke( Fender Rhodes piano and organ at "koa Gschroa") A few words must be said about the Village, because Williams Wetsox also played here right at the beginning of the opening more than 30 years ago, back then the club was still in Obereglefing, now it's in Habach since 1997. The district of Weilheim-Schongau has 34 communities - and Habach with its 1000 inhabitants is one of the smallest of them. But one can state without exaggeration: At least among musicians Habach is world famous. Just ask rock legends like "The Animals", "Ten Years After", "Lake" or Jon Lord from "Deep Purple": they all performed in the Habach "Village". Of course the 40th anniversary of Williams Wetsox was celebrated there and recorded.  

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Latest release: Single "Wolken"

Most of the songs on the current ZWECKINGER album "Komisch" are about interpersonal issues, and this is no exception. Almost always you can find funny sides to this topic according to the experiences of the band.   With this single release this is exceptionally different. As you know, there is all too rarely an escape from the daily hamster wheel. But here it's not about the radical cuts, like emigrating, a new job or a new partnership, but about the high art to get off the ground in the middle of this hamster wheel by virtue of your own thoughts, and just let everything around you go. As soon as you have done that, everything that is really important to you appears in front of your mind's eye. And so you return strengthened to the hamster wheel.  The song always provides a little escape.

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