Latest release: Zuchthausliad

The "Zuchthauslied" exists in several variations in the Upper Bavarian tradition of the Kraudn-Sepp of Gaißach. It goes back to a Viennese folk song. Many people have already tried this song, including Willy Michl, but Schorsch Hampel has succeeded in creating a really up-to-date and yet traditional version.

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Sat, 20.11.21
80809 München Kulturhaus Milbertshofen

Sat, 27.11.21
80336 München EineWeltHaus (mit "Central Park")

Latest release: Panoptikum

With "Panoptikum" Le-Thanh Ho releases her third solo album. The Berlin-based poet, songwriter and actress creates surreal imagery in chanson-like songs. Gloomy dystopias are dissected with a detail-loving eye, while the bizarre is solemnly celebrated. "Panoptikum" is a tender declaration of love to the restless outsiders of society, constantly searching for "home", only to come up against the same questions again and again: what is it and where can it be found? Musically active since her school days, Le-Thanh Ho released the EP "Zellophan" in 2014, followed by her debut album "Elephant" the following year, which received various awards and nominations. In 2017, "Staub" was released, an album that, designed as an open experiment, gave Le Thanh Ho's poetic explorations a completely new direction. At the end of May 2021, she now releases her new album "Panoptikum", a surreal poetic hybrid produced by Stefan Weyerer, in that pop sounds, cabaret elements and punk attitude merge into visually powerful chansons. Freedom-loving octopuses meet wandering goldfish. A sheep in the midst of a deep crisis of meaning finds a soulmate in the moonlight lover. An android offers personalized services that perfectly complement a pill-dealer's wares. Le-Thanh Ho's cabinet of curiosities exhibits no one but herself. She allows glimpses into wondrous inner and outer worlds and blurs boundaries blur until the two seem to flow inseparably into each other.

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Thu, 21.10.21
70327 Stuttgart Feierabend TV

Sat, 12.03.22
23715 Bosau Zum Frohsinn

Mon, 27.06.22
55116 Mainz Mainzer Johannisnacht

Latest release: Herbstlaub

"Herbstlaub", the new song of the Bavarian folk rock band IRXN is a song of praise for the colourful, exuberant transience of all life. A call to age and pass away in dignity and joy. A song as colourful and luminous as autumn is.

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Sat, 18.06.22
87616 Marktoberdorf TOY RUN

Latest release: World Lets Hug The A**holes

The Munich duo Kupfer, highly acclaimed by the press, is launching its second album. Songs with wonderfully wayward lyrics, driving piano passages, groovy and folky melancholic guitars, fresh drums and thoroughly intense messages. The songwriters, producers and friends Stefan Weyerer and Nick Flade deal on their second work with the world "out there" and its reflection in our inner being. They do this as usual energetically, positively, touchingly and with depth. In the ten mostly German-language songs, the copper retro synth sound combines smoothly with great lines. "The mainstream has overflowed its banks today, I've rhymed us life jackets" is said, for example, in "Steilwandkurvenstar". "Our album title may sound hippie naive. Why we chose it anyway? Our new songs tell about that and much more," says singer and guitarist Stefan Weyerer.

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Sat, 23.10.21
23552 Lübeck Tonfink

Thu, 27.01.22
83735 Bayrischzell Tannerhof

Sat, 29.01.22
85737 Isamaning Black Box (VHS)

Latest release: Das Leben ist schön

LustfingeR draw attention with this positive song and video to the coming summer, with hopefully many concerts again

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Sat, 23.10.21
80639 München Backstage

Latest release: "Culture & Spirit - Journey To The Land Of Mystery II"

The two internationally known Cosmopolitan musicians Bernd Scholl and Gleisberg deliver a "top class ambient album" with their latest work "Culture & Spirit" - Journey to the Land of Mystery II. Eight years ago, their highly acclaimed and popular album "Island Peak" was released, which was also used as a soundtrack in several documentary films. Now the two musicians continue their successful way and visit again musically the "roof of the world". Bernd Scholl and Gleisberg also bring images, feelings, the culture and spirituality of Nepal and the Himalayas to life with their new sound creations. They enchant with varied compositions that include mysterious voices and ethnic rhythms. Like an everlasting stream, the music of the album pours into the hearts of the listeners, giving them strength, a deep relaxation and meditation. Also with "Culture and Spirit" - Journey to the Land of Mystery ll - Bernd Scholl and Gleisberg very sensitively and imaginatively again create a wonderful atmosphere and a unique listening experience in a class of its own.

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Sun, 13.03.22
40699 Erkrath Concerts in the Cave (17:00 Uhr & 20:00 Uhr)

Latest release: Penta

„I saw a path spreading before me … now I have walked it in five different ways.“ With their fifth album "Penta" (Greek prefix for "five") the musicians from Tibetréa follow fantastic paths again, but they follow this road in a completely new way musically. World music and Folk Rock melt into a danceable sound. However, they remain true to their liking for old stories and myths. You can expect legendary figures like the golem, uncanny encounters with the devil, magicians and witches and ancient rituals of the indigenous people of North America. The music ranges, inspired by the spirit of the traveler, between the fire of the south, the rhythm of the east, the mysticism of the north and all that on the instruments of the west. Rock sound with drums, electric bass and guitar, meets jazzy trumpet, magical singing and folk instruments such as whistles, cittern, didgeridoo or harp. This unusual combination creates Tibetréa's very own sound, which takes you on a journey through time and space. With this album, the five musicians have succeeded in expanding their characteristic sound without going astray from the path they have chosen. And yet "the road does not tell the traveler what to expect at the end of the journey" (old saying).

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Fri, 27.05.22
86972 Altenstadt Mittelaltermarkt

Sat, 28.05.22
86972 Altenstadt Mittelaltermarkt

Latest release: A guada Dog

Even those who make music in Bavarian dialect cannot avoid the omnipresent Anglicisms in everyday life. Zweckinger doesn't care, because they have always approached the colorful language stew in a playful way. That's why they have given their new CD/DVD the title "A guada Dog". If you want to get rid of the question mark above your head, you should take a look at the cover, because there he sits, the guade Dog.  Similarly, Zweckinger take little consideration of the usual customs in their lyrics. Familiar everyday experiences that you think you know are gradually becoming too turbulent, not to say crazy, stories under the influence of Zweckinger's typical lateral thinking. For the musical accompaniment of these dramas and comedies, ruthless versatility is the means of choice. With the concentrated power of two guitars, bass and drums, a swirling violin and many-voiced vocals, Zweckinger create so much lift that the style boundaries between folk, rock, country dance and pop are effortlessly blurred. All this results in an exciting mixture, which can be recorded in the recording studio and polished to a high gloss. Sounds good, and has been done several times, but isn't there something missing? Absolutely! The stomping, the singing and the heckling of a euphoric audience, the ramp sourness, the overflowing solo passages, the senseless fooling around, the hair-raising mishaps and the many touching moments. In other words, everything that has always made for an entertaining concert evening. And therefore it was high time for a live album. On the new CD / DVD "A guada Dog" Zweckinger make a fuss, so to speak. They present the best songs from more than 10 years of band history live on stage of one of their favorite clubs, the Kultur-Étage Riem in Munich and pump so much heart blood into it until the steam rises. A freshly attended concert could hardly be more invigorating and rousing.  

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Sat, 23.10.21
83512 Wasserburg Queens Coffee & Pub

Sat, 13.11.21
81829 München Kulturetage Messestadt Riem