Vamadeva is the new music project of the two masters of cosmopolitan music, Rüdiger Gleisberg and Bernd Scholl.

Bernd Scholl: Bernd Scholl's compositions can best be described as music between heaven and earth. His sensual sound creations have made him internationally known and are unmistakable. Bernd Scholl has already released 22 albums and regularly gives concerts in planetariums.
Gleisberg: Rüdiger Gleisberg studied music and has been working as a composer and music producer since the late 1980s. Both with CD productions under his own name, with which Gleisberg shaped his unmistakable style of symphonic electronic music, as well as in collaborations, Gleisberg has created milestones in modern sound art.
Gleisberg's work is rounded off by commissions for film productions and radio plays.               

Discography: Music by Vamadeva 1