The beginnings of Hinterlandexbress go back to the winter of 2018/19. Dietmar "Dietz" Forisch - known in the Bavarian dialect scene as the bandleader of "schee daneem" and "a daneem" - had already been enthusiastically following the concerts of the Burghausen jazz quartet "Interplay" for quite some time and so his idea for a common, swinging age project came to maturity. He had in mind a relaxed blues and rock combo with jazzy nuances, but at the start, due to a pandemic, a lot of sand came into the band's gearbox. The Upper Austrian rhythm faction was not allowed to cross the border for months and meetings in the rehearsal room with people from several households were forbidden. So the Hinterlandexbress could not really pick up speed until the spring of 2022.

But the band name and logo refer to the 70s. At that time red railbuses, popularly called " Triebwagen" - were used in regional traffic.
So it's no coincidence that Hinterlandexbress, in addition to brand-new songs, also uses leftover material and stories from the youth: the visit to the first big concert in the Kronebau, turn-off experiences while hitchhiking or hippie girls wrapped in Indian robes in the fog of incense sticks.

Onboard crew Hinterlandexbress:

Dietmar "Dietz" Forisch: acc. guitar, harp, vocals & lyrics
Manfred Brunner: e-guitar & banjo
Christian Münzker: e-bass
Hans Eckl: e-guitar
Ernst Reiter: drums


Discography: Music by Hinterlandexbress 1