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Artist portrait of Heinrich Beats The Drum

of Band: 1989

Munich, Germany

Sublic (vocals, guitar)
Howie (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Board (bass)
Frenzy (drums, percussion)

Important steps along the way:
HEINRICH BEATS THE DRUM originated out of the Wave-Funk-Band "Miss Ellie" (1985 - 1988), a very active band playing all important Munich clubs of the times. For Roberto, the first singer, their music caused strange side effects. In the high days of their collaboration, he suddenly quit all sex, drugs and alcohol and started to live on fruits and nuts only. Due to these irreconcilable differences, they had to part ways. Current singer and guitarist Sublic isn't that keen on abstinence, although he quits smoking a couple of times every year. The greatest moments for the band always happened on tour, not only as support acts for famous bands like INXS, Selig, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, a.o. When working conditions were even more chaotic and the ambience even more filthy than in the "Leningrad Cowboys"-movies, they had the most fun. Returning from these gigs to the occasional VIP -lounges or fancy backstage areas sometimes just blew their minds. One of their greatest moments happened during an "Unplugged"-concert at a big Munich Festival, when parts of the audience suddenly started to weep uncontrollably - not because of onion smell, teargas or police batons - but out of the pure joy and happiness that the music evoked in them.

Musical influences:
U2, David Bowie, The Who


Personal motto for life:
We can sleep, once we're dead (or totally drunk, occasionally).

Heinrich Beats The Drum, 1st Album (1989)
Forever In Dust (1991)
Age Of Mars (1993)
Live & Acoustic (1994)
Pursuit Of Happiness (1996)
Teenage Wasteland (2000)

Albums of Heinrich Beats The Drum

1. Age Of Mars by Heinrich Beats The Drum Age Of Mars (CD-No.: 307.2162.2)
by Heinrich Beats The Drum

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2. Forever In Dust by Heinrich Beats The Drum Forever In Dust (CD-No.: 307.2155.2)
by Heinrich Beats The Drum

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3. Heinrich Beats The Drum by Heinrich Beats The Drum Heinrich Beats The Drum (CD-No.: 307.2154.2)
by Heinrich Beats The Drum

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4. Teenage Wasteland by Heinrich Beats The Drum Teenage Wasteland (CD-No.: 307.0001.2)
by Heinrich Beats The Drum

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Heinrich Beats The Drum - Live in concert

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