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Artist portrait of Gitarra Pura

"Gitarra Pura" are Potsch Potschka & Frank Müller-Brys,two well-experienced guitarists from Berlin.They founded the Duo in 2001 to develop an own form of musical expression with two spanish guitars. After seven years of composing and collecting live-experience,they released their debut-CD in 2008 "Gitarra Pura". An enormes bandwidth of songlike instrumentals are combining stil-elements of flamenco,classics & pop to an own,individual music,which creates intensive emotions and movies in your head. On three pieces(songs) an oboe is expanding the moods.


Albums of Gitarra Pura

1. Carisma by Gitarra Pura Carisma (CD-No.: 398.6790.2)
by Gitarra Pura

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2. Gitarra Pura by Gitarra Pura Gitarra Pura (CD-No.: 398.6604.2)
by Gitarra Pura

Gitarra Pura - Live in concert

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