The Berlin police officer Blochin (Jürgen Vogel) is eaten up by the desire for revenge for the brutal murder of his daughter. After two years he finally finds a way to lure the murderer Kyrill to Berlin.
A cat-and-mouse game with his colleagues begins.
In the end, it is Blochin's colleague Dominik who wants to bring his revenge to an end.
It will claim many innocent victims before Blochin finally learns who he really is and in what fateful way he is connected with Kyrill...

We dive back into the world of revenge of the policeman Blochin. The music seems to know more than he does. It lures, hinders, threatens and caresses him, and yet in the air, soaked with pulling, pushing, pulsating synthesizer surfaces, there is always the certainty that he will not reach his real goal.
But little by little, the music leads him into the abstract worlds of his own subconscious, and suddenly the musical elements, deformed into sounds, hiss and bubble, buried memories into his bleeding ear and lead him to the source of his existence.

Discography: Music by Lorenz Dangel 1