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Artist portrait of Shajan

December 1968


Piano, Guitars, Flute, Synthesizers and Percussion Instruments

Important steps along the way:
- Born in London as a son of a Malaysian ambassador, studied music and literature in Los Angeles, after the studies several trips to Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Bali and Singapore.
- Studies in Reiki and working as a teacher and musician

Musical influences:
The far-east musical culture, native indians culture

Books, Music, Meditation

Personal motto for life:
"Life goes on"

"Music for Meditation 1" - Shiva Records, 1998
"Music for Meditation 2" - Shiva Records, 1999
"Music for Reiki & Meditation" - BSC/Sequia/Prudence 2002
"The Healing Touch" - BSC/Sequia/Prudence2003
"Ocean Of Silence" - BSC/Sequia/Prudence2007
"Deep Healing Elements" - BSC/Sequia/Prudence 2013
"Spiritual Journey" - BSC/Sequia/Prudence 2019

Albums of Shajan

1. Spiritual Journey by Shajan Spiritual Journey (CD-No.: 398.6871.2)
by Shajan

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2. Deep Healing Elements by Shajan Deep Healing Elements (CD-No.: 398.6796.2)
by Shajan

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3. Ocean Of Silence by Shajan Ocean Of Silence (CD-No.: 398.6728.2)
by Shajan

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4. The Healing Touch by Shajan The Healing Touch (CD-No.: 398.6684.2)
by Shajan

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5. Music For Reiki & Meditation by Shajan Music For Reiki & Meditation (CD-No.: 398.6626.2)
by Shajan

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Shajan - Live in concert

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