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Artist portrait of Eleven Of Hearts

of Band in 1993
of Dee 1957 in Sidney

Sidney, Australia

Piano, Synthesizer, Flute

a. Dee Rogers (Composer). Dee is the heart of "Eleven of Hearts", providing the original material, focus and direction. Dee plays piano and flute and her compositions are inspirational, recorded in single sittings, the result of which is a library of over 1000 pieces.
b. Christene Carol (Vocals). Christene is a world renowned opera singer who hails from Texas. She has performed opera and concert in the great halls of Vienna, across Europe and the USA. At the peak of a successful international career in the operatic world she sought a new direction in Australia working with "Eleven of Hearts" on a new approach to blending voice and music.
c. Macdonald Hamilton (Instrumentalist). Mac's background is diverse, ranging from playing Balalaika in a Russian Balalaika band, to flute in a chamber ensemble, to electric guitar in a rock band. Mac has been performing most of his adult life and brings to "Eleven of Hearts" expertise in arranging, engineering, producing and performing. His diversity is highlighted by the instruments he plays: Keyboards, Guitar, Banjo, Flutes, Recorders, Soprano Saxophone and more.

Important steps along the way:
Each of the albums released!

Musical influences:
The group members of "Eleven of Hearts" have a rich and varied background upon which to draw, ranging from classical to rock music. Their albums are thematic, a gentle mix of piano, guitars, flute and voice in a style that breathes.


Personal motto for life:
a. Balance
b. "When you wish with all your heart, the stars conspire with all their might, to bring the dream to life."
- From the track called "Dream of Love" and album Secret Dreams

'Secret Dreams' by Eleven of Hearts, 1994
'The Gift' by Dee Rogers, 1995
'Noumenon' by Macdonald Hamilton, 1995
'One Love' by Eleven of Hearts, 1996
'Simple Magic' by Dee Rogers, 1997

Albums of Eleven Of Hearts

1. One Love by Eleven Of Hearts One Love (CD-No.: 398.6524.2)
by Eleven Of Hearts

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2. Secret Dreams by Eleven Of Hearts Secret Dreams (CD-No.: 398.6502.2)
by Eleven Of Hearts

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Eleven Of Hearts - Live in concert

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