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Artist portrait of a daneem

a daneem…
is the acustic trio of „Schee Daneem“, a circle of accomplished jazz- and bluesmusicians

After four albums with the great line up of Schee daneem, Pit Holzapfel, Dietmar „Dietz“ Forisch and Peter Müller are going back to the roots: Depending on their mood, they play every conceivable type of guitars and Turkish banjos, Mexican basses, violins and homemade devil "Fuaßschepperl" (bavarian percussion) as well as diverse exotic-looking stringed and wind instrument. The songs (in Bavarian language) get unusual and refreshing tone colors get unusual and refreshing tones  by the trio from the Upper Bavarian Alz-Inn-Salzach Delta.  


Albums of a daneem

1. Gschichten aus dem Hinterland by a daneem Gschichten aus dem Hinterland (CD-No.: 307.0193.2)
by a daneem

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2. Herzöd by a daneem Herzöd (CD-No.: 307.0089.2)
by a daneem

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a daneem - Live in concert

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