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Artist portrait of Tyndall & Scholl

At the legendary White Waves Festival 1986 in Frankfurt, Germany, Nik Tyndall and Bernd Scholl met for the first time. At the time both pursued solo careers and thus presented solo performances on the festival stage. Afterwards the artists stayed loosely in touch until they both played at the same concert at Stellarium Erkrath in 1994, albeit still with separate sets.
In 1997 they finally started to work on a common live-set, which saw its world premiere at the renowned KLEM-festival in Nijmwegen, Netherlands. The positive audience reactions encouraged the artists to annually compose together and present their collaborations in their live-sets and to make them available on limited edition cds at their gigs.

Albums of Tyndall & Scholl

1. Dreamspheres - Chillout In Space by Nik Tyndall & Bernd Scholl Dreamspheres - Chillout In Space (CD-No.: 398.6706.2)
by Nik Tyndall & Bernd Scholl

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Tyndall & Scholl - Live in concert

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