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Artist portrait of Delago

"Around the year 1995 there was a certain change in me", Hermann Delago recounts. "I was searching for new paths off the beaten entertainment- and pop-tracks. In this connection the didgeridoo became an important marker, an instrument of great interest for me as a well educated trumpet player. Its exoticism, the meditative and free way of performing, the technique of circular breathing were things that fascinated me." Delago started to mix the sound of the didgeridoo with sounds of other instruments like guitars and keyboards and - as a result of thatoccupied himself intensively with further exotic instruments from asian, indo american and african cultures. "This was my new sound: An attempt to combine spontaneous extemporization with structured compositions!"

The present result of this development are 4 CD-albums: "Didge goes World", "Gado Gado", "TranceAlpin" and "Saltworks". Essential parts of the music pieces were recorded in the meditative atmosphere of a remote cottage in the Austrian Alps.

Delago's work has to be considered against the background of his personal musical interests and influences - Psychedelic, Pink Floyd, folk-music, rockmusic, - but he also created further stylistic cross-overs as with brass music (inter alia Delago is the bandmaster of the official brass band of Landeck-Perjen) or - as lately - with Indonesian music and Bataksongs from the homeland of his wife Rosdiana.

...mingled with jazz-influences a modern Mike Oldfield is presenting his works. The lyrical elements are far from any New-Age-kitsch. There is enough tension and surprise, even dissonance in the music to protect it from sinking into a cosy kind of triviality.
(N.S. "Artos", Germany)
…if Luis Trenker had smoked his edelweisses, if folksy mutants had drunk schnaps and animal-blood with the Aborigines, and if they all had played together Mussorgsky, conducted by Glenn Miller - somehow, somewhere, sometime, something similar would have turned out.(M.G. "Legacy", Germany) to drift away into a peaceful and adventurous world. And no thought about any esoteric meditation-doodeling. This is the filed out music of a genius. Completely unique. (M.G. "Notes", Germany) ...Hermann Delago unites meditative trance-sounds, Techno, brass band, electronic music and the romanticism of the Alps with the sheer beauty of minimalism.(A.L. "Esotera, Germany)
...hardly ever nature was made audible so excitingly. Didgeridoos, alphorns, yodels, wind section and keyboards create astounding harmonies.(H.J.H. "Schellackgeschrei", Germany)
...Delago takes us away into a world of extensive melody-lines and trancy yodels, where the snow-covered Alps meet the arid Outback of Australia.(U.B. "InMusic", Germany)

"My journeys (Asia, Pacific, USA) had a great influence on this musical development", Delago knows. "I met new cultures, but it was also important to relax, to "fill my batteries", which was the base for a new start."

As his shaping musical influences therefore Delago calls:

Arvo Pärt/Alan Dargin/Alex Mayer/Back to Earth/Between/Brian Eno/Codona/David Hudson/David Hykes/Deep Forest/Enigma/Enya/Gandalf/Gary Thomas/György Ligeti/Huun Hur Tu/Indianer/Jan Garbarek/Jean Michel Jarre/Jim Pepper/Johann Sebastian Bach/King Crimson/Kitaro/Michael Nyman/Michael Vetter/Mystere de Voix Bulgares/Nomad/Oliver Shanti/Peter Gabriel/Philip Glass/Pink Floyd/Robby Robertson/Stephen Kent/Steve Reich/Stomu Yamashta/Tangerine Dream/Mike Oldfield/Toure Kunda/Vangelis ...


Albums of Delago

1. Tobatak by Delago & Sianipar Tobatak (CD-No.: 398.6768.2)
by Delago & Sianipar

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2. Salzwelten by Delago Salzwelten (CD-No.: 398.6719.2)
by Delago

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3. Trance Alpin by Delago Trance Alpin (CD-No.: 398.6567.2)
by Delago

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4. Gado Gado by Delago Gado Gado (CD-No.: 398.6537.2)
by Delago

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5. Didge Goes World by Delago Didge Goes World (CD-No.: 398.6526.2)
by Delago

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