Marianna of Jewish-Russian descent, born in Germany, proudly presents her family tree at school. Contrary to her parents who are afraid of antisemitic attacks, she confesses to be Jewish. When she gets home, she tries to smuggle in the poster about her Jewish family without being noticed. On that day the young journalist and blogger Eva is visiting, she learns about the discrepancy in the family and about the double life Marianna has to live up until now. Eva recognizes herself in this little girl and writes for the first time about her Jewish origin in her blog. The statement triggers hundreds of reactions and finds a positive response among Jewish people who also decided to confess their origins. (Anna Eret)

Directed and written by Anna Eret
Actors: Alexia Finocchiaro, Sarah Blum, Roman Shamov, Raffaela Taschlizki, Paulina Plucinski, Fritz Bruderek, Lukas Bourdos & Viktoria Eret
Producer and executive producer Anna Eret
Production of "Ich Bin Jude" SM & Film Kampagne von Mitzva e.V.
Director of Photography Maximilian Miller
Music by Rüdiger Gleisberg
Funded by Medienboard BB
Bundesministerium für Innen und Bau (BMI)

Discography: Music by O.S.T. To Meet Esther 1