Gestern waren wir noch Kinder (Yesterday We Were Children) is a 2023 ZDF television series that centers on the fictional family story of lawyer Peter Klettmann, who murders his wife Anna on her 44th birthday. He confesses, but the reasons for the crime remain a mystery to the viewer for the time being. The plot proceeds on two time levels. After the murder, the eldest daughter Vivi (Julia Beautx), with the support of the young policeman Tim (Julius Nitschkoff), tries to find out why her father killed her mother. In flashbacks, the life of Peter Klettmann is illuminated. We learn that he, plagued by lovesickness, had caused a fatal accident. The event and its consequences plague Peter into his current life and ultimately he and his family break down because of this guilt.

Film music by Johannes Brandt

Discography: Music by O.S.T. Gestern waren wir noch Kinder 1