In the face of digitailzed and computerized music technology the old guitar has had a remarkable rennaissance in the popular music. And whenever the great guitar-instrumentals in the history of European popular music are discussed, the name and one track must be mentioned: Blonker and "Indigo".
In the late Seventies the young group from Hamburg surprised the wolrd with that laidback, gently melancholic piece titled "Indigo". Without a big promotion campaign "Indigo" became massive airplay and was soon considered a classic of this genre.
In 1979 Blonker turned from a regular group into a one-man-project. Dieter Geike, the man, who had written "Indogo"and defined the sound of the band with his immaculate guitar playing, carried on alone and started a quiet, but impressive solo career. Since the cretaion of the gem "Indigo", Geike alias Blonker has further developed and refined his vision of beautiful, timeless, melodic instrumental guitar music on a series of gighly acclaimed and successful albums.

Die Zeit steht still 1978
Fantasia 1980
Windmills 1981
Homeland 1983
Die Zeit der Träume 1985
Time To Remember 1990
Wellness 1990
Tree Of Life 1993
Journey To The Windward Islands 1995
Straight Ahead 2002
Zeitreise 2003
Indigo 2013 (Dieter Geike)

Discography: Music by Blonker (Dieter Geike) 4