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Inspector Krüger's last criminal case

A feeling of finality weighs on the mind of Commissioner Krüger. He knows that after leaving the service there is only a great emptiness waiting for him....

Debut album of Marcanus

Marcanus has not only the Latin god of war Mars (Marcus), but also the mysterious in its name (arcanus). The name is program....

The ninth album of ZINKL is a concept album

In his 26th year of producing progressive electronic music, 2021 sees the release of Zinkls new album "Tanzmusik für Roboter". It is a concept album...

3rd album by 'mergener et amici'

In free continuation to the music for the mystical night of "Brot und Spiele" in Trier, this album with the theme "Our Sea" was created...

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Fri, 05.03.2021
84307 Eggenfelden Schlossökonomie Gern-Rossstall
Sat, 06.03.2021
83093 Bad Endorf Beim Hubbi
Tue, 09.03.2021
22083 Hamburg Freundlich und Kompetent
Fri, 12.03.2021
85540 Haar Kleines Theater
Sat, 13.03.2021
23715 Bosau Zum Frohsinn
Sat, 13.03.2021
94330 Aiterhofen Gasthaus Karpfinger

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