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New single by Gnadenkapelle New single by Gnadenkapelle
This is definitely the most beautiful number from the "Gnadenkapelle" in a long time. Contrary to expectation without any sarcastic... Read on
New sounds from Bavaria New sounds from Bavaria
Third part of the successful "new" Heimat-Sound-Sampler "Bavaria Vista Club". Read on
New single for 1860 München New single for 1860 München
"Hoch die Schals" describes LustfingeR's love for TSV 1860 once again and will be heard for the first time... Read on
Title song for the movie Title song for the movie "Alpgeister"
The Bavarian Celtic FolkRock band IRXN was asked by film director Walter Steffen to produce the title track for his new full-length Read on

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LustfingeR 98693 Ilmenau, Baracke 5
Franziska Wanninger 94342 Strasskirchen, Bluval Festival
Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'
Franziska Wanninger A-5020 Salzburg, Arge
IRXN 09496 Marienberg, Pobershauer Bergfest
Franziska Wanninger 83410 Laufen, Kleinkunstbühne

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LustfingeR: "Es gibt nichts zu bereuen"

CD-Nr. 30784202, MP3-Album



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