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Second single from the collection album Second single from the collection album
Every month, starting January 2020, one song of the new Kupfer album collection „World, Let's Hug The A**holes" will be published. The second release is going to be the title song. Read on
Music for the ZDF documentary series Music for the ZDF documentary series
In five episodes, the documentary series discovers the indescribably diverse world of the Andes: untouched nature, exciting people and a fascinating animal world. Read on
Second part of the Filmmusic series Second part of the Filmmusic series
Six years after the successful release of Filmmusic by Rüdiger Gleisberg, six more years of experience in composing for the moving image are added. With a high degree of empathy for the emotions ... Read on
First single release First single release
from the album "World Let's Hug The A**holes (and they will disappear)" which is due for release in June. The title may sound naive and hippie-like in these times, but for Kupfer there is a super-sustainable truth in this title... Read on

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Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'
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Garden Gang 86150 Augsburg, Schauspielhaus Sputnik
Bluevoizz 83022 Rosenheim, Le Pirate
IRXN 83278 Traunstein, Wirtshausroas

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NEW VIDEO (TV Ingolstadt)

NEW VIDEO (TV Ingolstadt)

About the artists:
Hampel, Schorsch

Schorsch Hampel: "hoamwehblues"

CD-Nr. 30701992, MP3-Album

TV Ingolstadt reports live

from the Cafe Lebenskunst in Gunzenhausen about the Blues poet concert of Schorsch Hampel.


Also available at:
Buy hoamwehblues at iTunes Amazon.com - hoamwehblues Amazon.co.uk - hoamwehblues Amazon.fr - hoamwehblues

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