Markus Reiser was born into the cradle of piano playing by his father. As a teenager he expanded his enthusiasm to synthesizer and guitar. Through numerous travels and contacts all over the world didgeridoo, tabla and saz were added. Even in the early days, his passion was rewarded with radio appearances and a few local awards. The biggest success of these early years was the Bavarian Rock Award, which he won in 1994 with his band "Beyond Pleasure". In 2001 he toured as a live keyboard player with the band "Heinrich Beats the Drum" and then founded the rock band "IFF" with their frontman. Shortly after, the album "Insane" was released, on which he served as co-producer. "IFF" played as the opening act for "Eisbrecher" and recorded the song "Königin der Nacht" with Alexander Wesselsky. In other performances "IFF" was on stage with "Unheilig", "Letzte Instanz" and "Knorkator". Markus Reiser is a founding member of the didgeridoo and percussion band "D-JAM-BE", whose album "Energetic Tribal Music" was recorded and produced by him. Together with Ganga Giri, Alan Dargin and Stephen Kent, "D-JAM-BE" made it to the setlist of internationally renowned festivals. With the solo project "Marcanus" the Munich musician is treading new paths.


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