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Artist portrait of Permanente Bluesmaschin

Schorsch Hampel (“Schorsch & de Bagasch”) and Arthur Dittlmann (Bayerischer Rundfunk) have recently joined the "Permanente Bluesmaschin" and are playing - what a surprise? - Blues. Because they are slaves of blues a few decades ago. Because they still get goose bumps when a slide guitar wails or a harmonica whines. To listen to Arthur and Schorsch also means: Blues doesn’t make you sad only – a smile is allowed. For instance about pubescent teenagers, the Garden of Eden, lost cellphones in  washing machines or what else  mishaps can  happen. And they also do not mind if there is a slight folk influence in this well-oiled, permanent Bluesmaschine, in which we deeply enmeshed in, whether we like it or not.  

Albums of Permanente Bluesmaschin

1. Hoerburger ghört ghört by Permanente Bluesmaschin Hoerburger ghört ghört (CD-No.: 307.0171.2)
by Permanente Bluesmaschin

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2. Permanente Bluesmaschin by Permanente Bluesmaschin Permanente Bluesmaschin (CD-No.: 307.0088.2)
by Permanente Bluesmaschin

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Permanente Bluesmaschin - Live in concert

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