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Petra started studying classical guitar at her local music school when she was fourteen years old. Eventually, she started writing her own compositions. She also discovered a love of the visual arts, and graduated with a degree in graphic design. Combining her love of music with painting, photography, and graphic arts came easily to Petra. “I always have different pictures and scenery in my head which eventually blends with the music I create,” she said. In 1995, Petra joined Katja Uhrner to form the “singer-songwriter duo ‘Clare.’” They released two albums with what Petra calls “the typical ‘Clare’ soundsmelodic songs with poetic lyrics.” She continued to compose, sing, and play guitar for ‘Clare,” but in 2011, she also launched her solo career. Her world travels helped inspire her to create her first solo album, “My Own Little World,” which she composed, played, arranged, and produced herself. Petra calls it “a musical trip into my dreams. The track ‘My Little world’ is like a dance of elves. It is a spiritual world that I love and that inspired me.”
Sometimes, a certain place sparks the music. For example, Petra revealed that the song “Sunrise” was written about the East Cape in New Zealand. “The people from New Zealand say that this is the place where the rays of light tough the earth first,” she said. “I was there and could see the most beautiful sunrise of my life. A New day, a new beginning, can bring you new hopes when you are in a bad mood. It gives you new courage. “‘Achill Island’ is a little Island off the Irish coast. Ireland has such a mystic past with castles and fortresses everywhere.  And I love the ocean, wild cliffs and beaches. That is why in some of my music I use the accordion which I associate with the oceanside.” A number of books and films have had a profound effect on Petra and her music. “I love books and films where you find mystic places, a world of poetry and full of fantasy,” she said. Her favorites include “The Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum, the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” and “Alice in Wonderland,” and of course, “The Lord of the Rings.” Petra explained, “It’s so amazing how Tolkien has created his world with all these different creatures and landscapes. What a genius.” Writing, arranging, and producing all of her music can be challenging, and the process for each piece is different. “I always begin with playing guitar. Sometimes, for example at ‘Clandestino,’ I can already hear the violins when I’m just playing guitar. So I have the arrangement in my head when I compose the songs,” Petra said. It is all a creative process; you cannot single out the different steps of creation. Every song is different and has its own development. Sometimes a new piece of music is perfect after a few minutes, sometimes I start with a new theme, put it aside after a while just to pick it up sometime later on and work on it again when a new idea grabs hold of my mind.”

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