feat. Regina Guinee
by Stefan F. Huber & Jazzbirds

CD no.


The Jazzbirds are a group of professional musicians in the Munich jazz scene, coming from Germany, the USA and Brazil. Since the band’s formation in 1996, they have honed their own, emotional style to create a blend of melodic contemporary jazz, spiced with a pinch of Latin. The result is an individual sound, emotional and exciting, encompassing jazz harmony and the rhythms of Latin, Swing and Fusion music. The band’s music allows room for improvisation, catchy tunes and a lot of rhythm. The Big Band arrangements and dialogue of trumpet and saxophone are characteristic of the band’s sound. The Brazilian Bossa Nova singer Regina Guinée wrote the lyrics for four of the songs by composer and guitarist Stefan F. Huber, and she sings them in her native Portuguese. The songs appeared on the band’s third CD, „Elisation“, published in 2013. The Extra-Maxi-Download-Single „Stefan F. Huber & Jazzbirds feat. Regina Guinée“ is a compilation of these songs with Regina Guinée’s lyrics, she sings by herself.

Regina Guinée (voc), Karl Lehermann (tp, flh), Stephan Reiser (ts, cl),
Martin Bischof (p, keys), Stefan F. Huber (g), Gary Todd (cb),
Geraldo Müller (dr, perc)

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