Peter Mergener (*28.November in Birkenfeld/Nahe) started experimenting with synthesizers at the end of the 70s and belongs to the 2nd generation of electronic music, after Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Klaus Schulze. Mergener recorded his first compositions on MC. These were later included alongside new material in the project Software. Mergener received the Sponsorship Award of the "Südwestfunk" in 1985 for first concert under the name Lit and Bit (Literature and Electronics), which was broadcast live on SWF 1 Radio. In 1984 the music of Software was released on the label IC (Innovative Communication) founded by Klaus Schulze. In the early 90's Mergener began his solo career with Cue Records and later moved to the label Prudence, where he still operates to this day. Peter Mergener created the light and sound installations of the so-called Mystical Night as part of the Roman festival Bread and Games in Trier from 2002 to 2012, for which the two albums of the formation mergener et amici "Nox Mystica" and "Vitam aut mortem" were created. Mergener is still active in electronic music under his own name.

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