Bella Germania (O.S.T.)
by Dominik Giesriegl

CD no.


The music based on Ennio Morricone's music for Giuseppe Tornatores films, as well as the soundtrack of Nino Rota, but also on French composers such as Georges Delerue. It was carefully reflected at the atmosphere of the time you are in right now, but without losing the big bow of this epic.

In addition to the Babelsberg Film Orchestra and the FAME'S - Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, numerous soloists can also be heard:

Juri Kannheiser - Cello
Amelie Böckheler - Violin
Alexander Maschke - Violin, viola
Florian Riedl - Clarinet, saxophone, flute
Christoph Schmid - Drums and percussion


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