Chakra Secrets
by Ashron

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The album „Chakra Secrets“ is a high-frequent journey throught story of creation and the secrets of our main-chakras. It is mystical and invigorating at the same time. The music raises the frequency of the listener exponentially. This utters in a strong sense of wellbeing. Balanced Love - In the beginning was the word! Happy Child describes the purpose of life. Emotional Balanced is the key to open our spiritual abilities by using feelings. Violet Light is the secret of the 3 eyes of veridicality. Resonanz - All words, thoughts or deeds create frequencies in our “Holy Heart” and then create our reality. Might of Joy – The greates secret of the might-chakra: the positive aspect of might is enjoyment of life. Feels so Good - If we life in harmony with creation and the divine plan, this creates feelings of bliss. Take Your Love. Within this consciousness we can let go our fears and feel the connection to all the divine creation. Shine in my Heart – Frequency is accelerating many times. Ijong is the new sound of creation of the crown-chakra. Clarion Call is composed upon the order or Lady Clarion to anchor the energy of the goddessess on earth again. Love is the Answer is the answer to all questions. Wonder Why. Ego was created to work as a finder of trouth and purpose. The key is to ask the right questions.

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