C.R.E.O. (Creative Reggae Elementary Overdrive)
by Roykey Creo & The Resistance

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Roykey is a musician of truly outstanding talents and cosmopolitan stature, who has matured from virtuoso session star into charismatic album artist: Born in Aruba, an island near the coast of Venezuela and governed by the Dutch, with a racially mixed population of some 60 000 people a tiny melting pot of African, South American and European cultural traditions, Roykey went to Europe in the mid-eighties where his skills soon were soon well in demand in the blossoming studio scene. He worked with such greats as Lionel Richie or Linton Kwesi Johnson and many others and frequently did TV- and soundtrack work. In 1993 he finally decided to follow his own musical vision and started his own band:
Roykey soon realized that he had to go back to his musical roots to really unearth what he had to say. Going back to his roots meant to deal with the creo culture of his home island , especially since Roykey ha s Indian, Egyptian, African and French blood in his veins.

Roykey finally came up with a unique blend of his influences he dubbed “Creo Reggae”. With his band his has successfully toured all over Europe ever since, acquiring a huge and faithful following. He released four albums on PRUDENCE during the following years: “Creo Roots” (which contained the Airplay hit “Jogging”) in 1993 , “It Smells Live”, “Look Arong” and “Guitar Man”. Always hungry for new experiences and influences Roykey worked and lived in New York early in the post-millenium decade. In 2004 he returned to Europe where he finished his brandnew album “Creative Reggae Elementary Overdrive” which once more shows not only his outstanding musical gifts but also a deep joy of life and a positive, uplifting spirituality. Here he transcends the boundaries of reggae by integrating musical elements from European folk to hiphop in surprising and refreshing ways.

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