All The Best
by Inker & Hamilton

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For many years the Munich based duo has enjoyed fans all over continental Europe with the fascinating blend of their voices and their impeccable, very melodic songwriting. Combining the intelligence and sensitivity of classic singer/songwriters with the catchiness and appeal of modern mainstream pop music blonde Britsman Dave Inker and Hilary Hamilton, a gifted singer and songstress from Nea Zealand, have been topping sales and radio charts in Germany, Belgium and Norway with hits such as "Dancing Into Danger" or "Poetry In Motion". Apart from his songwriting craft and his outstanding skills as guitarist and mandolin-player Dave Inker has, after working with top notch producers like Michael Cretu (Sandra, Moti Special, Enigma), proven himself a first class producer himself. Together Inker & Hamilton form a wonderful unit, both as songwriters and performers. In their timeless songs we get both, the female and the male view of things, ying and yang. Can one ask for more? Inker & Hamilton first met in Munich in 1978. What began as informal get-togethers with some casual music-making gradually developed into a more intensive and productive working relationship which culminated in their first self produced album „Highs & Low“. A conctract with Sony Music followed, resulting in two albums „Person To Person“ and „Double Feature“. These were followed by „The Mind And The Body“, (Polygram). With their fifth album „Dancing Into Danger“, produced by Michael Cretu, Inker & Hamilton achieved their first chart success. „Poetry In Motion“ was the result of over two intensive years spent writing, arranging and finally recording in the studio and the single "Poetry In Motion" became the biggest hit in their carrier, followed by "Faith, Hope & Fortune" of their last album "Dialogue". After twenty years it’s time for their first Best-Of-Album, which is titled "All The Best" and it contains all the hits of the last years and the brandnew single "Calling Your Name"

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