A Separate Reality
by Lux, Alkimia

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Alkimia Lux's debut solo album for BSC Music, "A Separate Reality" was inspired, by what she told an interviewer, "my experiences in the Yucatan region of Mexico, the mysticism of the ancient temples and my reading of the works of Carlos Castaneda."Aweinspiring" might be the best description of this new album by singer, composer and synthesist Alkimia Lux often described as a cross between Enya and Tangerine Dream, a trek into exotic electronic soundscapes and world music realism. Alkimia Lux is a beguiling musician, sure to send a haunting jolt upyour spine."
Progression, USA.

"Pretty darn close to being staggeringly, mind-blowingly, the best thing you've ever heard from female vocals and synths. The dynamics of the tracks are just amazing- the first three parts are a wonder to behold, textures that will have you in awe of the depth, emotion and beauty of the dark, yet soaring, slowly flowing music. A remarkable album, and one which you will take to your heart and treasure for a very long time."

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