Blue Jeans
by Halby feat. Velvet Orchyd

CD no.


The cover version of the Lana Del Rey song "Blue Jeans" is the first collaboration of the California-based singer/songwriter and guitarist VELVET ORCHYD aka Jenn Edmonds and the songwriter and producer HALBY aka Michael Halberstadt.

Both live in Kaiserslautern and belong to the alternative spectrum in the wide-ranging music scene there. Again and again they come together to celebrate and play live cover versions of The Cardigans, Grouplove, Neutral Milk Hotel and Neil Young songs.
Velvet Orchyd is a big fan of Lana Del Rey and has, according to her own statement, a lot to thank her for.
"'Summertime Sadness' helped me get through the Summer of 2012!"  The recording of "Blue Jeans" was made during several joint recording sessions in early 2022 in Halby's WebEnd Studios in Kaiserslautern, clearly adheres to the original version, but is a bit more melancholic, which is entirely in keeping with the mentality of the duo. 
The video clip for the song was shot entirely in the old cellar vault of the music club "Salon Schmitt" in Kaiserslautern, which suited the intended mood perfectly. 
The cameraman was Tebriz Xelilov; and as per usual, the post-production of the clip was done in loving detail by the artists and their team themselves.

Line Up:
Vocals - Velvet Orchyd
Guitars, Bass, Programming - Halby

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