Blaue Kanten
by Schmidt, Nadine Maria

CD no.

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Debut album of the Leipzig singer and guitarist plus band. NADINE MARIA SCHMIDT, previously playing NYLONSAITEN & SAITENSTRÜMPFE since her debut 'Naked' (2008) as well as solo, has completed her accompanying band FRÜHMORGENS AM MEER with Chris Turrak on bass, Till Kratschmer on piano and KarlABlütchen on drums. The exceptional poet created the financial basis for the production of her album 'Blaue Kanten' (Blue Edges), on which she presents 15 sensitively instrumented and poetically lyrical German-language songs. With her concise emotional voice, which carries a slightly smoky timbre, the singer lends songs like 'Das Leben Ist Schön', 'Am Meer', 'Raus Hier' or 'Wenn Sie Geht' an intense, warm and honest atmosphere. Discreetly the band accompanies the songs in acoustic chamber pop format, with slight sprinklings of jazz and chanson - but the singer with her outstanding voice and the completely unadulterated lyrics always stands in the foreground. Tip for friends of stubborn German-speaking songwriters like Dota or Meike Schrader!

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