Circus Maximus
by Zinkl

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Zinkl’s “Circus Maximus!”. Remember how, on his previous album “Plexus Andromeda” Zinkl took us for a mysterious and erie musical ride to extraterrestrial life forms? Well now, for the very first time he proudly presents the most bizarre and amazing collection of fairground circus attractions ever to be seen:
Witness how a virtuoso goes berserk in The Inimiable Celloking; he spellbound by Anna Conda, the lascivious dancing snake woman; admire the breath-taking artistry of The Pina Coladas! Zinkl has spared no expemse in staging - not only for the eye, but also for the ear - these rare feats of skill. Just listen to the Talented Fleas Inc. as they  perform their death-defying jumps; be swooned by the melodic groove of a gentle elephant in The Digital Pachyderm. And, last but not least, Zinkl pys tribute to his home town of Munich by including The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Bavarians in this dazzling, multicoloured performance.
Zinkl has created his own unique brand of electronic music, weaving an intricate web of naive melodies; outbursts of distraught dissonance; powerful rhythms and mystical spheres - all seasoned with a dash of that inimitiable “Zinkl” mischievousness.
“Circus Maximus” displays an instrumental pop music full of suspense that sways back and forth like a pedulum between “Avantgarde” and “Easy Listening”

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