Am Ende eines viel zu kurzen Tages (O.S.T.)
by Various Artists

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Donald is a different kind of superhero. In his real life he is sick. But the15-year-old has an outstanding talent to animate with pen and ink a dark world in which an invincible superhero battles a deadly nemesis and his sexy sidekick. But while Donald’s cartoon hero is unbreakable and unable to love, he himself is utterly breakable and bound for love. In a rollercoaster ride he learns of life through his unorthodox psychologist Adrian King, discovers love with the rebellious Shelly and makes peace with his parents while his time is running out. And so, on the edge of the Irish Sea and on the edge of life, Donald finds himself in the heart of love: an ordinary superhero who proves the important thing it’s not how you leave this life but how you live it. With its innovative mix of live action and animation, this movie tells a blisteringly modern love story that is tender, comic and truthful. Directed by Ian FitzGibbon (“Perrier’s Bounty”), this English language feature is based on the homonymous novel by internationally acclaimed author Anthony McCarten, who also wrote the screenplay. It stars Andy Serkis (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Hobbit”) Thomas Brodie-Sangster (“Love Actually”, “Nowhere Boy”, “Bright Star”), Jessica Schwarz (“Perfume”, “Buddenbrooks”, “The Door”), among others. This unique soundtrack from the movie provides many musical facets, emotional songs like “For You” and “To The Boy” anddynamic titles, such as “XXX” and “This Is How I Feel”. This is a perfect documentation of Donald’s emotional rollercoaster ride. The album is framed by the score of film composer Marius Ruhland.

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Discography: Music by Marius Ruhland & Various Artists, Marius Ruhland 2

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