by Busch, Dirk

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A German singer - songwriter who sings in Italian? Un Tedesco? Vero? Those who know my German albums or have visited my concerts, know that for many years I have always released self-written Italian canzoni also on the German productions. The reason is quite simple: Italian is a beautiful and unique sounding language - the language of singers! And what kind of songs are they? Canzoni, sometimes biting, critical and committed (Parole Pungenti, Indifferenza, Questa Vita). But above all affectionate and tender, concerned with what is probably the most important long-term theme of mankind: love! Be it the caring, sensitive love towards a child (Giulia) or the passionate love towards the "only one" (Solo Tu, Pioggia, Una Storia Italiana, Senza Te). The present album "Canzoni" is the re-release of the album "Una storia italiana", extended by three new titles and one live track, which is sold out by now. My thanks go to the many Italo fans who share my love for the Italian language and its many emotional expressions. Mille grazie!

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