Close My Eyes
by Claudia Cane & Andreas Kümmert

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Claudia Cane, one of the best rock voices in Germany and Andreas Kümmert, an outstanding German blues, soul and rock singer/guitarist, winner of the third series of "Voice of Germany" and winner of the preliminary round for the ESC 2015 "Unser Song für Österreich", are releasing the ballad "Close My Eyes" together and the two would have loved to perform this song on the ESC stage for Germany on May 11 in Malmö -;)

In 2023, Claudia Cane decided to re-record the song "Close my eyes" and submit it to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.The song was originally written in 1999 in collaboration with her close friend Miriam Dylan at the Pilot recording studio in Munich.Although the song didn't make it into the preliminary round, Claudia decided to ask Andreas Kümmert to be her duet partner to give the song a new dimension. Andreas immediately agreed and together with Claudia Cane and Miriam Dylan transcribed the song into a suitable version.
Claudia and Andreas' joint interpretation of the song is a heart-warming love ballad that captures the essence of the early 90s with a touch of blues and country and is a living example of the power of music to connect people and touch hearts.

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