"Bella Germania" tells a German-Italian family history over several generations - from the German economic miracle to the present days. The life of the young fashion designer Julia experiences a sudden change, when suddenly an older man stands in front of her and introduces herself as her biological grandfather. He hopes to get in contact with his son Vincenzo through Julia. She considers that Julia's father died long ago. Searching for her roots, Julia immerses herself in a story that leads her into the constraints of Italy's post-war era - and in the footsteps of a courageous, gentle rebel: her grandmother Giulietta. "The trilogy is designed as an intergenerational epic, spanning the arc of the first Italian guest workers of the 50s to today's Germany, addressing topics of our time such as hospitality, integration, home." Heike Hempel, Deputy Program Director and Head of the ZDF Main Editorial Department TV Film / Series II

Discography: Music by Dominik Grieriegl 1