A Nordic Room
by Horlyck, Helene

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Opera meets Ambient and Pop! Danish singer Helene Horlyck is hailed among insiders as one of Europe's most interesting vocalists in the domain of pop/classic crossover. Especially in Great Britain producers highly value her vocal art, her versatility and her exquisite musical taste – and book her for sessions with a diversity of top acts like Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, Jimmy Cliff, Chris de Burgh or Apollo 440. Her first merits in the ambient genre the classical trained singer has achieved through her participation in two projects of Danish producer and longtime Enigma-coproducer Jens Gad: the internationally acclaimed debut of his formation Achillea in 2005 and his solo-album “Le Spa Sonique”. But Helene's own solo-album was overdue: On “A Nordic Room” she presents a sensational combination of Opera, Pop and Ambient music, as it has never been heard before. Both fans of Ambient music and friends of cultivated crossovers of Pop and Classical music will love it. Review on Heathen harvest

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