Celestial Zen
by Gordon, David & Steve

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Embark on an Inner Journey - Become transported to world of serene beauty where you can experience your own connection to the stars.  On this soundtrack for dreaming, legendary ambient music masters David & Steve Gordon take you on a sacred journey into the place where inner peace and deep space are one.  By combining acoustic and electronic instruments, they create a visionary new sound that is perfect for meditation, yoga or relaxed mind explorations.  Now available for the first time on CD, this entrancing music was recorded in 1984 and released on vinyl LP and cassette under the title Celestial Suite.  The new version features re-mastering with today’s superior audio technology,plus an unreleased bonus track from another of the Gordons’ early Visionary Environments recording sessions. This is one of the classic spacemusic albums of ambient music from the 1980’s, with a unique combination of electronic and organic instruments like acoustic guitar that was a completely new sound at that time.  We hope you enjoy your trip…

“Celestial Zen stands out as a major contribution to contemporary ambient music. David’s synthesizers sparkle with Starshowers; Steve’s acoustic guitars shimmer in golden textures…Sonically transported into the galaxies, we stand awed by the beauty awakened within us…Deeply inner and always intimate, quiet, serene and spacious.” - Pulse Magazine


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