Baal (Original Filmmusik)
by Biehler, Oli

CD no.


Baal as a restless, punk rocker on fire directed by Uwe Janson. Since there had to be music for Mathias Schweighöfer to perform, the idea was to pre-produce the entire soundtrack fast and dirty {in punk rock style}. The whole soundtrack was recorded live, there were no overdubs allowed, mistakes and messes included.  In a few days a complete soundtrack incl. lyrics was created, which had the script as inspiration. 9 energetic songs without handbrake, a speciality in the usual film world. HEY! HO! LET'S GO!  

Drums: Reiner “Kallas” Hubert
Bass: Moses Schneider
Guitar: Steffen Kahles
Vocals: Oli Biehler

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