Wolfram de Marco, born on 25 June 1966 in Ansbach, is a German film composer living in America. After graduating from the Hochschule für Music in Würzburg studying classical guitar and piano, he initially worked as a live and studio musician, but over time started to focus more and more on music production and composition. During this time, he released Drum'n Bass and Trip-Hop tracks, music for corporate movies and commercials, and started working on his first film scores.
In 1999, de Marco moved to Los Angeles, California to focus entirely on film music. He worked for some time as an arranger and composer for "additional music" at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions. That lead to contributions for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Catwoman, 16 Blocks and Poseidon.
Since his score for the Belgian film "LOFT" in 2008, still considered the most successful film produced in Belgium, Wolfram de Marco has had a long and continues line of work, composing music for over 50 films in the television and cinema sectors while working internationally with musicians and orchestras in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Munich, Prague and Skopje, Macedonia.
Wolfram de Marco lives with his wife - actress Marie-Alise Recasner - in Windsor Hills, California.

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