Amadas Estrellas
by Achillea

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A mesmerizing blend of multi-cultural electronica…

For his second Achillea-Album on Prudence, outstanding producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jens Gad has given this unique project a fascinating new angle by teaming up with a very special vocalist:

On the beautiful Spanish Island of Ibiza, where Danish born Gad has lived for many years, worked on several albums by multi-platinum act Enigma, and built his own state-of-the-art music studio, the ever-curious and highly creative musician has met a true legend of Spanish pop music: Luisa Fernandez was born in Galicia and came to fame with a series of single hits for Warner Brothers in the disco era. Later she formed a highly successful duo with her husband Peter Kent, creating many pan-European hits in Spanish, most notably “Solo Por Ti”, an international radio classic.

With the aid of Luisa Fernandez’ beautiful vocals Jens Gad has given the music of Achillea a surprising new twist: “We started using Luisa’s Spanish poems and stories and made theme-songs out of them. It was a real thrill to discover the archaic/ethnic depths in Luisa’s voice that she hadn’t explored before.” What the listener now gets on the second Achillea album “Amadas Estrellas” is a mesmerizing blend of multi-cultural electronica, lush atmospheres, seductive and mysterious Spanish vocals, entrancing guitar playing and ingenious beats.

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