Helene Hørlyck is a highly acclaimed classical crossover vocalist. Her powerful, yet breathtakingly ethereal voice is complemented by a stunning range which allows her to travel effortlessly from opera to stylish ambient grooves.

Helene's cv includes extensive vocal work for live performance, recording and television both in the UK and across Europe, leading to collaborations with top international artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, Alessandroni, Jimmy Cliff, Valgeir Sigurdsson and Apollo 440 amongst others.

Helene was honoured to sing the Danish national anthem at the recent Denmark versus Australia football match in front of a crowd of 20,000.

She is not just a stunning voice. An accomplished songwriter, Helene wrote and recorded the haunting Achillea album with Jens Gad of the multi-million-selling ambient group Enigma. Released in 2005, this ambitious, eclectic project shot to number one in iTunes' Canadian crossover chart within two weeks and went on to achieve international success with critics and listeners alike. Achillea songs have since been chosen for numerous compilations including the very successful Buddha lounge series.

Jens Gad's album "Le Spa Sonique", featuring Helene, was voted runner up for the Calmscape.com Best Album of 2006 and has been nominated twice in the New age reporter's lifestyle music awards 2007. Grammy award winning producers David & Steve Gordon featured 6 of Helene's vocal performances on their Christmas 2007 US release 'Angel's Voices'.

Buoyed by the immense success of Achillea, Helene spent 2007 writing and recording her first solo record, A Nordic Room.

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