Chakra Healing Chants
by Sophia

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Embark on a journey through the power of the Chakras on a river of sacred sound with legendary "Song Healer” Sophia and David Gordon from acclaimed World music duo David & Steve Gordon on shaman drums and native flutes.
Internationally acclaimed recording artist Sophia Roberts prefers to just be called Sophia, but she is also known as "Sophia Songhealer", because her music is experienced by her many fans as healing and uplifting. An inspired virtuoso she also plays her own zither, tamboura, percussion, dulcimer and guitar, which accompany her rich, warm voice. Sophia is not only known through the four earlier albums from her own label but also as a contributing artist on our sucessful compilation album "Musical Healing", released in 2002. Her brand new album "Chakra Healing Chants" celebrates the Oriental healing centers of the body. The music is based on the pure tones of the vowel sounds that have been shown to activate and heal the chakras. Each meditation features the potent invocations of the sacred Hebrew names, which are drawn from the seven levels of the Cabbalistic Tree of Life as they correspond to the seven chakras.
Eastern practitioners have worked for centuries with drawing the ‘breath of life’ into the body via the seven chakras to vitalize and heal themselves.  Sophia uses pure vocal tones, which have a direct correspondence with the Hebraic Sephira on the Tree of Life. Particular key frequencies help activate and send soothing and subtle energies into these body energy centers. Sophia and David are joined on this album by special guest artists- Hans Christian (Rasa) on cello and exotic string instruments and Raphael with keyboard orchestrations. This is the perfect soundtrack for Yoga, Tantra and Meditation for creating a sacred space.

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