Berlin Alexanderplatz (O.S.T.)
by O.S.T. Berlin Alexanderplatz

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"Berlin Alexanderplatz" is a 14-part German miniseries directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and broadcast on WDR from October 12 to December 29, 1980. The series is a film adaptation of the 1929 novel of the same name by Alfred Döblin.  Peer Raben wrote ( *1940, † 2017) the film's score. His score of Berlin Alexanderplatz reflects the sad and hopeless atmosphere of the main character (Franz Biberkopf) and his surroundings, a country and its society devastated by one war and soon destroyed by another, a place that was no place for a man who wanted to maintain his life.  

The cast::  Trudelise Schmidt - vocals ; Pepe Solera - harmonica, flute, saxophone; Rudy Risavy-violin; Mladen Franko & Armin Rusch - piano & accordion; Milan Pilar - bass; Manfred Schacher - drums; Etienne Cap - trumpet; Georges Delagaye - trombone; Paul Schuller - oboe; Horst Ramthor - harp; Lorenz Schröder & Michael Goltz - guitar; string section of the Munich Philaharmonic - conducted by Peer Raben.
Recorded by Robert Meilhaus at Studio Meilhaus Munich   
Remastered 2007 by Frank Fellermeier


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