by Potschka, Potsch

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„Carisma“ the new CD of the Duo „Gitarra Pura“ from Berlin, is a successful development of it`s first CD „Gitarra Pura“. Potsch Potschka: "When I started to compose the new CD , I knew , that I won`t make it similar to the first one. So I tried to find different song-forms including different styles of fusion. Important was also the improovement of the sound and the technic of playing. When I was listening the first time to the complet album I knew it`s title "Carisma" „Carisma“ is impressing by new songforms and a wide spectron of sound and styles. Besides spanish and classical elements, influences of Jazz, Pop and Folk slip in, which enlarges the character of the CD. Also new is the introduction of a western-guitar, to widen the sound-image. 15 songs lead through a colourful world of emotions and put the listener in a warm and lucky mood.

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