by Christina Lux feat. Reentko

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„Playground“ is the first studio album since „Coming Home At Last“ released 2006. The title of the album was born after a conversation with a good friend. „Always when things or people leave our lives, we then have the chance to see our lives from a new perspective, to then discover our playground. Always renewed again and again. Sometimes it takes courage, but in the end it turns out to be awesome“. The songs are arranged with minimal instrumentation, creating a maximum of ambience – a beautiful reduction and concentration on the essential, which focuses more upon the voice. For example, she wonderfully describes in „Paper Airplane“ an Ikarus-like flight of love, accompanied only by a baritone guitar, which connotates and bears a pleasant similarity to folksong classics à la Tracy Chapman. Additionally, Lux has a keen sense for long-term effect with her imagery and metaphors. Thus she sings in „Defenses“, an earthy, funky, soulfully accentuated song, about a „boat ride into nothingness“, while paraphrasing a painful experience in the intensive piano ballad „Sanctuary“ with a simply stated picture : „She’s got stains on her dress, glowing poppies in ruby red“. The intensive production with powerfully quiescent arrangements are not alone the result of the artistic strengths of Christina Lux, but also the exceptional class of Reentko’s musicianship, who brings the album’s polish to shine with playful sounds, untypical percussions, as well as his wonderful guitar work. There is a lot of room to play in for Lux and her musical light beacon. Playground is open…

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